GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries - Proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the art of Dance
have been so blessed by Gracefull Steps Ministries and Academy’s, Dance In Worship Classes! 
Minister Christine Obert’s biblical teachings on the ministry of dance, has encouraged me and given me a deeper understanding of the dance ministry.  Her direct approach to many questions I have had, such as, “Am I really called to this ministry”? And “Where do I fit in if I want to worship God in the dance”? , and“why do dance ministries fail, when “holiness” in not in their agenda?” have caused me to re-evaluate my own ministry to the Lord, in a more positive and clear direction.  
I would encourage anyone, male or female, to challenge yourself, by taking Minister Christine’s Dance In Worship Classes. It will definitely set you and your ministry apart to be a true blessing to your community and church. And most of all to our Lord Jesus Christ who created us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth!
Christine Quinonez
His Vision Ministries