GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries - Proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the art of Dance


  • Are you curious about, or would like to learn more about Dance as a Ministry and what the Bible says about dance?

  • Are you called to the Ministry of Dance but do not know how to get started?

  • Do you aspire to grow more in your ministry, and desire to learn all you can about the ministry God has called you to?

  •  Do you want to grow in your relationship with the Lord while learning how to use the Movement Arts as a tool for Ministry to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ?

  • Perhaps you are a Pastor and or Music Minister who oversees a Dance Ministry in your Church.**

Whether you are a Worshipper, Dance Minister, Dance Leader or Teacher, Pastor or Minister of Music or Song, this class is for you!
Dance In Worship I is a 6 -8 week Biblical Course Study of Dance as a Ministry.  

**IF you are a Pastor or Worship Leader and would like to learn more about the significance of dance as a ministry or how to better facilitate a dance team or ministry at your church, please prayerfully consider taking this course.
Dance In Worship II Biblical Course Study is designed to give you deeper insight into the Ministry of Dance by providing basic skills to become a more effective communicator through movement by learning the Art of Dance. 

The class provides basic tools and exercises to teach you how to lead a dance team, as well as help you learn how to choreograph dance ministry pieces for your group or team as well as gives practical insight on how to have and maintain a thriving Blessed ministry according to Biblical Standards.

Dance In Worship II* is an 8 week Biblical Course Study of Dance for Dance Ministers, Dance Leaders or Aspiring Leaders.*   

Who Can Take Dance In Worship II?

  • If you have completed Dance in Worship I
  • Have prior basic knowledge of Biblical aspects of dance 
  • Have a deeper call in the area of the Movement Arts
  • Would like to broaden your understanding and skill level in order to offer your ministry in excellence before the LORD. 

Both Courses are offered through out the year and are available upon request.  Students of GFS Academy who serve in dance ministry, are highly recommended to take both courses. Course is available during the Dance season.  

If you are not a local resident, but would like to take the course, teleclasses are available upon request.
For further information, Course Outline, and Cost, please feel free to email me and request information at

*Offered exclusively at GraceFull Steps Ministry Arts Academy.
Students who take and complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries at the end of May.