GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries - Proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the art of Dance
Christine Obert is the founder, owner and operator of GraceFull Steps Ministry Arts Dance Academy in Abilene Texas.  She is a seasoned Minister, Teacher and Choreographer with over
35 years of Dance, and over 30 years experience in the area of Worship Arts with an emphasis in Dance, acquiring over 25 years of practical Leadership training and teaching in the area of Dance as a Ministry. 
Christine's gift and love for dance was evident from childhood and continued through High School where she was offered an opportunity to pursue a dance career. However, a change of heart caused her to abandon her dream to follow God's call to ministry.  Little did she know, that God had a plan for her gift and love of dance after all, when in 1986 she attended Faith Outreach International Church in San Antonio, Texas. It was there that she answered the call from God to Minister through dance and received her foundation in Biblical dance training as a ministry.  She pursued her call without regrets, and after 21 years of ministering and teaching through dance as a ministry, she desired to open her own dance studio to be able to mentor and teach others who also felt called to use the art of dance as a tool for evangelism.  However, In order to do so, she felt the need to first obtain her License as a Minister of Dance before opening her dance studio.  In  2008, she received her license from Eagles International Training Institute and opened her academy in 2010.  
Before that time, and while traveling with her military husband, Christine was blessed to lead and start many dance teams, and has groomed and mentored dancers to become dance leaders in both the USA and in Iceland.  While in Iceland, she launched her ministry name, "GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries".  
Christine has been blessed to Choreograph and direct Dance Productions and Dance Presentations for several churches, as well as for the Southwest Regional Azusa Conferences in the late 1990's under the over site of Bishop Rick Hawkins in San Antonio, Texas.  She also but for a short time, served as Seed Group Leader in Abilene, TX & the Big Country for Christian Dance Fellowship USA.

 After much confirmation and prayer, in 2011 she founded Worship Dance Alliancea Network for Worship Artists in her sphere of influence whom she has mentored in Abilene and the West Texas Area. 
Her ministry is two-fold, as she serves as both Dance Minister and Dance Leader/Instructor. The call the Lord has placed on her life is to minister the Gospel.  Through her gift of dance, she is able to do that through Interpretive and Prophetic Dance.  This is done for edification, exhortation and comfort, bringing freedom and deliverance from the Lord through her own distinct gifting. 
As a Dance Leader in the Worship Arts, Christine teaches, equips and trains both dance ministers, and worshipers by providing them with the necessary tools to take their ministry to another level in excellence as a ministry versus performance.  This is done by imparting, providing, and sharing three decades of Dance Ministry experience in Biblical Foundations of Dance.
Christine believes that everyone who dances unto the Lord should have a firm foundation in Biblical standards and principals of Christian dance before ministering before God's people.  
In the early 1990's, after realizing the lack of understanding of dance ministry among her dance students, she developed a basic Bible study for those who were in dance ministry under her tutelage. 
Some of the topics she covers as part of her instruction, consist of, but not limited to: What does the Bible say about Dance?, What is the Purpose for Dance in the Church?, Who can Dance, and What are the acceptable ways we can Dance before the Lord?, which are included in her 6-8 week Biblical Course Study, titled “Dance in Worship,” offered exclusively at her Academy as part of her Dance as a Ministry Mentor-ship Program.  Building on the resounding success of this course, she further developed Dance in Worship II, a course designed for Dance Ministry Leaders, Worship Ministers, Church Leadership, as well as dancers, who desire to start their own Dance Ministries.
Along with the Foundational training, another facet of her instruction focuses on classes to help worship dancers improve their skill level by teaching and instructing dance technique in Ballet and Modern dance.  Although it is not necessary for one to be a trained dancer to dance unto the Lord, Christine believes that those who minister in Dance should aspire to offer their very best to the Lord in their Ministry by honing their gift and increasing their dance skill in order to more effectively communicate GOD’s Word through movement. 
  For those who desire and have a calling in the area of Liturgicaland Worship dance, or serve in Dance Ministry in their local churches, she also provides guidance, instruction and mentor-ship in the area of dance as a ministry by imparting Sound, Biblical Foundation and Instruction on the Etiquette of Worship Dance as a ministry, which includes step- by-step instruction on How to start and lead a Blessed and Succesful Dance Ministry, The appropriate Attire/Garments for the worshiper, Israeli Folk Dance known as "Davidic" dance, Expressive Dance using sign and the proper use of Pageantry tools in the adoration of GOD, such as with Flags, Streamers and Glory Hoops.  

Christine'sgreatest joy is dancing and choreographing for her Lord and KING, as well as inspiring, encouraging and mentoring others to reach and fulfill their GOD given call and purpose in the Movement Arts.
 Coupled with her understanding, sensitivity and devotion to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, her sincere desire is to impart her experience and in-depth study of Biblical Dance, as well as share the Joy of Dancing unto the Lord with the spirit.