GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries - Proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the art of Dance
All aspects of dance taught at Gracefull Steps are focused primarily on Worship.  This is referred to as "Liturgical","Sacred" or "Praise" Dance. 

At GFS, Students are taught Biblical principals and aspects of Praise & Worship which may be done using Interpretive movement or expressions incorporating different styles or Technique of dance, combining the technical (mind, body, discipline, skill) with the spiritual (of or relating to sacred or moral; set apart for the worship of God)  
Creative Movement I (Ages 3-4) 
This class introduces Pre-school children to movement, rhythm and music in a group setting.

Creative Movement II (Pre-Ballet)(Ages 5-7 1/2)  
This class introduces children to worship, basic ballet, and choreography in a group setting.

Ballet Worship I (Ages 8+)
Introduction to ballet vocabulary, basic fundamentals of Ballet, including posture, basic arm and feet positions one can incorporate in Worship Dance.

Ballet Worship II
An Intermediate Ballet Class. This class focuses on floor and center work adding to a dancer’s movement vocabulary to use in worship dance.

Beg. Modern Worship
Introduction to basic Modern dance movement one can incorporate in Worship Dance.

Rhythm Praise - 
This is an upbeat dance class that incorporates tap and stomp to use for Praise dance. 
Urban or “street” style dance using technique without compromising morality, modesty, and/ or standards. This is more interpretive in nature, using interpretive sign dance incorporated with upbeat movements to interpret Christian lyrics and music.

Israeli /Davidic 
 This class introduces the basic steps of traditional Israeli folk dance and incorporates modern dance for messianic worship.

 Fusion Praise - 
This is a combination class incorporating ballet and modern dance with Rhythm and Israeli dance