GraceFull Steps Dance Ministries - Proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through the art of Dance

While dance training is an integral aspect of our dance studio, GraceFull Steps primary purpose is to teach our students how to properly worship GOD through the Art of Dance.
Specializing in Liturgical Dance

Liturgical - of or pertaining to the worship and Adoration of GOD

The Heart of the Academy is to Reach the lost, and Edify the Body of CHRIST. Therefore, every aspect of Technical dance training taught at GraceFull Steps, is geared toward the equipping of students by providing them with both the skill, Biblical Foundation and Principals in order to become effective communicators through the vehicle of movement.
In turn those students called to the Ministry of dance or the Creative Worship Arts, can use their training as a tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

At GraceFull Steps we are not performers, we are worshippers who dance; trained and equipped to use the Art of Dance in Excellence, Godliness and Integrity according to Biblical Standards, in order to be pleasing and acceptable to our God as an expression of worship unto Him! 
                     John  4:24